With Oridow, Choose Stunning Colors in Doors & Windows for Your Home

January 5, 2016: With its collection of windows and doors, Oridow makes certain that its customers know that they are a reliable name when it comes to providing diversity in options and choices. From vinyl, uPVC to aluminum and faux wood, Oridow excels in providing high quality material for all.

Oridow is one of the leading manufacturers of uPVC doors and window. With their products, people are keeping better insulation in their homes, offices and other commercial buildings alike. Many consider Oridow’s uPVC doors and windows to be a smart long-term investment, because they are not only easy to maintain and affordable, but they are also ecologically sound. Moreover, because these products are being made available in a variety of different colors, customers are provided with the option to gain the functional benefits, along with the aesthetics as well. The manufacturer uses both Chinese and German profiles to manufacture different grades of uPVC windows and doors.

Speaking during an interview, a representative from the company stated, “When it comes to remodeling or renovating a house, we know that it can be quite challenging to find your chosen windows and doors in the right color. And it’s not just about the aesthetic; it’s about bringing the home together and making it look complete. For example, if a home is designed in a Mediterranean theme, white or steel windows with the pink hue walls would not be recommended. This is why we offer all necessary colors that can be made available in windows and doors for our customers. And this is why we have a long list of not only loyal long-term customers but also those who came to us on recommendation and have been with us ever since.”

Oridow offers many different styles in windows and doors as well. Along with their variety in colors, their range of products such as their double and single hung windows, casement windows, bay windows and sliding folding and French windows; each of which are becoming very popular amongst those who want high quality products for their living and work quarters.

With more customers coming to us for assistance, we are only going to keep on working on keeping all our customers happy. To us, the only thing that matters is our customer’s satisfaction in our products and services to know that we have passed the test with flying colors.” The representative added.

Along with their windows and doors, Oridow is also offering colors in their newer products such as the vinyl window with integral blinds among others.

About the Company

Oridow is the leading manufacturer of high quality uPVC Windows and Doors, Aluminum Windows and Doors, Stainless Steel Security Screens, Shutters and a wide range of other products. All products manufactured by the company are completely eco-friendly. Headquartered in China, the company manufactures and ships its products all over.

Contact Information


No 59 Qiwei Road,

Cangshan District,

Fuzhou, China.

Phone: +86 591 8803 7851

Fax:  +86 591 8644 9923

Website: http://www.oridow.com

Email: sales@oridow.com

Facebook: https://facebook.com/oridow

Twitter: https://twitter.com/oridow

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