How to Project Manage Or Build Your Own House Extension

In these days of escalating material and labour costs many people are starting to think about if they could carry out there own building work or at least manage others while they carry out the work for them.

This article has been written with the intention of helping the layman build or brickwork service there own house or an extension to there house which would enable them to make considerable savings on labour costs.

I have written it out in the order and sequence that any new build carried out by yourself or a builder would be carried out, and if you stick to this sequence it would make things go a lot easier, this way you will be finishing one thing before starting something else.

You will need a good architect who will draw up a set of plans for you, and brickwork services one paying for his fee you should insist that he makes all the measurements clear and precise so they can be easily followed, you should also ask him for a full specification so that later when you have to go to your builders merchant you will know exactly what materials you have to ask for and order.

You must take the plans to your local planning office and submit them so they can agree and hopefully give you permission to build, this process can take several weeks so stick with it and don’t get to despondent.

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