Find the Wholesale Blue Book for Used Cars

Car buyers, and sellers email me frequently asking a uniform question. How can i find the wholesale blue book for used cars. Car markets around the nation has two major price leaders. The KB Book, and NADA book. As far as Houston is concerned my experience has lead me to believe that NADA wholesale values is used more often by dealers at auctions, while the public determines values by referring to Kelly Blue Book to determine the price.

If you are buying or selling a car it is to your best interest to know how to car appraisal blue book for used cars. The list of reasons is endless, but to mention some, this is a method used by lending banks to issue car loans, or analyze your assets. It is also used at the dealer auction to determine a maximum bidding price, and used at the dealerships as a marketing tool.

Kelley Blue Book established its name in the car industry car appraiser Seventy five years ago, when it started appraising cars around the nation. Back then the only beneficiaries were car dealers. Soon later, KBB issued an appraisal book that the public can use to determine the fair price to buy, sell, or trade in a used car for. It is worth mentioning, that the book provides you with the science, however, it is then up to you to add your art to the equation.

After all, buying or selling a car is not strictly a science, it also involves art, such as how clean is the car, what color is the engine oil, basically how well was the car treated. On a concluding note, car appraisal books classifies cars into different categories (trade in, private party, retail, wholesale, loan, cash) all will be discussed in future articles, and the section dedicated on my website.

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