Parking Lot Protective Asphalt Sealcoating Systems


There can be absolutely no question This the parking lot takes a great beating day-in AND ALSO day-out. And, inside numerous climates, merely your temperature swings alone are enough to help cause accelerated deterioration. Constant freeze / thaw cycles, regarding course, cause constant expansion IN ADDITION TO contraction (cracks) : increasing your own risk connected with water infiltration. and then your water freezes, expands the cracks further, AND compounds your problem even more.

Also adding stress to the parking lot would be the brutal effect associated with daily traffic; not to be able to mention, It receives it\’s share connected with small (and large) fuel AND chemical spills ALONG WITH leaks from automobiles, equipment, etc. Even OUR warm AND ALSO friendly sun adds on the negative effects from constantly spreading their ultraviolet rays helping in order to cause added deterioration coming from increasing the rate of oxidation, causing your asphalt to be dry AND brittle. the result? Obviously, an superior risk connected with cracking AND further water infiltration.

All associated with the individual items combined make regarding the uphill battle to help effectively maintain parking lots. an individual definitely have to stay in front of the nine ball.

KEEP That for the SURFACE

One solution to do It is to keep anyone deteriorating effects at the actual parking lot surface. after all, your own surface feel made to get the beating and, acting being a shield, not allow your current deteriorating effects to negatively impact your own base material. to be able to make sure the surface, or “shield,” will keep to be able to meet your Prerequisites for years to help come, sealcoating can be a press button component for you to virtually any parking lot maintenance program. Sealcoating does only what your label implies associated with course, sealing your current top coat connected with asphalt pavement added improving its “shielding ability.”

Although each project will probably vary depending on area, condition, location, etc., the general program will be mentioned with added detail below.


For new asphalt sealcoating, The item is usually just asphalt sealcoating services a great matter of the surface possessing had adequate night out to be able to cure IN ADDITION TO surface oils in order to dissolve. your own Asphalt Sealcoat Manufacturers Association (ASMA) recommends an six : 12 month cure time. a effortless strategy to tell regardless of whether your current oils are generally gone is usually to be able to broadcast a good gallon regarding water towards surface AND see This move. your own water transporting with a good uniform sheet is a good indication your current oils are generally gone. on the some other hand, if anyone watch ‘rings’ or perhaps ‘breaks’ in the sheeting action, its possibly a good indication it\’s not effectively cured, or It there is the isolated trouble position of which need the spot primer.


During your own inspection, note any problem areas including anyone areas This will probably need patching and/or crack sealing. It is likely too, relying towards age IN ADDITION TO real surface condition, ones asphalt will certainly need in order to possibly be primed prior on the application form of the protective surface treatment.

Step 1: Cleaning your own Surface

Whether your current surface will squat straight asphalt sealcoating to be able to sealcoating, as well as whether or not priming is actually required, your own surface must end up being cleaned thoroughly to help remove many loose aggregate, powder, dirt, gravel, silt, etc. inside just about all cases, UTILIZE blowers, pressure washers, steel bristle brooms, as well as a good combination to be able to get your current Least complicated cleaning results.

Step 2: Prepping your Surface

After ones surface is properly cleaned after that repairs, crack sealing, oil location priming, ALONG WITH any additional special treatments can be performed. USE singular those solutions compatible because of the sealcoat product to be able to become used.

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