Kalari Vapor: A one-stop shop for the best quality e-liquid juices in America

California, USA – March 7, 2016: With a commitment to offering the best e-liquid juices in America, Kalari Vapor is making waves in the e-liquid industry. The company has three years of experience and expertise in manufacturing top quality e-liquids. It offers a large selection of e-juices flavors, including guava, watermelon, blueberries, and more, at wholesale prices.

“When people talk of e-liquids, Kalari is a name that instantly comes to their mind. We have gained a strong foothold in the e-liquid market within a short span of time. Kalari comes out with a bold statement. We’re here to stay. Our manufacturer has been in the hookah industry before vaporizing was invented. They established a steady retail and wholesale business all over the world that enabled them to enter the vaping industry with a bang,” said a company spokesperson.

After the launch of its product line in 2013, Kalari Vapor generated a few months of steady business flow, alongside high consumer demand. This enabled the company to market its e-liquids extensively.  As a result, Kalari was fortunate enough to stage sponsor CBS’s Sacramento radio station 102.5 KSFM LIVE event featuring the likes of Lil Jon, Too Short, E-40, 50 Cent, Kid Ink and more.

“Since that event, our product demand has skyrocketed. We realize that we have to meet high expectations now. Our team works extra hard to produce high quality e-liquids.  Equally important is to offer variety to our fans. So, we have introduced a couple of fresh vape juice flavors that are worth trying,” said the spokesperson.

Kalari Vapor uses a methodical manufacturing process for e-liquids. This results in the production of quality e-liquids, with a fresh aroma and a perfect blend of nicotine and flavoring. The company starts its e-liquid blending process with Virginian tobacco leafs. “Virginian tobacco leafs allows us to use a rich nicotine extract to mix with our Kalari blends. After we have extracted our nicotine from tobacco leafs, we age the extracted nicotine for 2 to 3 months. While our nicotine ages, we focus on blending. We start our blending process by first aging each individual flavor for months, prior to the beginning of our mixing process. After aging our flavors, we mix our flavors to create a Kalari blend. Once our blend is crafted, we mix in our aged nicotine extract. Then, we age the final product one last time until we get the best e-juice.”

Additionally, Kalari Vapor tries and tests each e-liquid before selling it. The company also provides the most efficient customer service and swift delivery. It aims to offer a smooth shopping experience to its customers, which is hassle-free.

Apart from e-liquids, Kalari Vapor has a wide range of vape accessories, including vape mod batteries,  atomizers and vaporizers for sale.

About the Company

Kalari Vapor is one of the most established manufacturers of e-liquids today. Established in 2013, the company provides the best US-made e-liquid juices as well as vaping accessories across the country.

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