Types of Decorative Gables

A gable is considered the upper portion of a wall between the edges of a roof, which edges are generally triangular in shape. Many historic and modern homes in the US have featured gable roofs due to their popularity with home builders. The triangular shape of the roof allows for rain and snow to run off easily and they are generally cheaper to install.

Gable accents can add an additional dimension to the already stunning look provided by the gable. Over the years, the purpose has shifted to more of an ornamental use which helps to improve the aesthetic look, increase the value, and boost the curb appeal of the home. Decorative gables come in many forms and a wide range of materials are used for their construction, such as wood, vinyl, cellular PVC and metal.

Gable Vents. While the original purpose of gable vents was to assist in gable vent, they are now also used as decorative gable centerpieces. They can be made into many different shapes like circles, squares, diamonds, triangles and octagons. When used as a decorative centerpiece faux louvered panels are used to provide the same detailed look without the functionality or hassles of rain, snow, insects or animals entering your attic space.

Gable Brackets and Gable Corbels. There are many different styles of brackets and corbels that can be used to decorate your gable. Popular in the use of craftsman and even colonial style homes is the use of architectural brackets or corbels at various points along the pitch of the gable. For Victorian homes, historically the use of gable gingerbread and various brackets have been used to accent the gable. Each style provides a different look that will change the look of your gables.

Gable Moldings. Molding can be added to the exterior of your home using techniques similar to indoor installation. Incorporating molding into your gable design helps to enhance the exterior features the gables provide to your home. There are different types of gable moldings, such as trim molding, gingerbread molding, and crown molding. Moldings can be styled from simple to elaborate designs using multiple levels, depths and patterns, which could also incorporate the use of gable gingerbread brackets, corbels, architectural brackets and cornice molding.

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