Why Unclean Kitchen Vent Hoods Are Dangerous

In most places in the United States, anyone who owns a restaurant is kitchen vent hoods required to have a vent hood installed in their kitchen. This isn’t just a legal requirement but a major precautionary measure in order to avoid fire accidents. You can’t afford to sit back and relax once you are over and done with the installation of your vent hood, which must remain clean and grime-free at all times. An unclean vent hood poses serious risks, which if not dealt with successfully, may lead to grave consequences.

A kitchen hood is installed in order to trap grease, grime and smoke. When the grease and oil trapped inside of a hood is not cleaned on a regular basis, the contaminants can coagulate and transform into sticky substances of a highly flammable nature. An unclean hood puts the lives of employees and restaurant patrons into serious jeopardy. And, of course, when there is a fire outbreak, the commodities as well as assets housed within the building sustain serious damage.

Keeping fire-related incidents at bay is not the only reason why hoods must be kept neat and clean all of the time. If certain harmful particles make their way into a restaurant through the vent hood, they may adversely affect the air quality inside of the restaurant. This can pose health hazards. The law also states that a vent hood must remain free of dirt and smoke and a restaurant that acts carelessly on this front is liable to be fined or face complete closure. Insurance carriers attach great importance to kitchen hood cleaning and they take any insured party who keep their hood unclean to task by reducing coverage or increasing premiums.

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