The Benefits of Cedar Mulch

Mulching is an absolute must when you are landscaping in San Antonio and South Texas climate. Cedar mulch is one of the most common forms of mulch. It has quite a few advantages when you compare it with the other kinds of mulch. Some of these advantages are insect repelling, weed control, temperature control and stability.

One of the main advantages when it comes to cedar mulch is cedar mulch insect repellent properties. Many other organic mulch types attract unwanted pests such as crickets, roaches and termites. Crickets and roaches are a major problem in San Antonio summers, cricket infestations are very common. However, the natural scent of cedar helps repelling several different types of insect pests. GreenQuick mulch spraying treatment contains natural cedar oils, thus it doesn’t only restore the color of your mulch, but it also restores the natural insect repelling properties as well.

he color of this mulch is naturally light. This light color reflects the sunlight and helps maintain the temperature surrounding the plants. Cedar mulch protects these plants from extreme temperatures, especially for landscaping in hot San Antonio and South Texas climate. It also helps protecting the plant roots from freezing during cold winter months. Ice storms and freezing temperatures are common in South Texas, so you need to consider protection from cold as well as hot temperature and apply a thick layer of mulch.

Another advantage of cedar mulch is the stability that it offers the plants. Other types of mulch such as bark mulch can be washed away by the heavy rain. However cedar mulch has small pieces which lock together to form a thick, dense mat. This helps the mulch stay in its place under heavy rain or strong winds.

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