Oridow Offers Comprehensive List of High Quality uPVC Doors and Windows

Fuzhou, China-March 17, 2016 – Oridow Industries Limited is a China based company that specializes in manufacturing high quality uPVC based products including uPVC doors and windows, louver shutters , uPVC frames, and sliding doors. Oridow maintains a stringent quality control process and continuous research and development to improve their existing uPVC products. The management of Oridow believes in producing rugged uPVC products that comply with latest standards of quality and reliability.

Oridow Industries Limited is among largest industrial groups in China with a production facility that is spread over more than 5000 square meters. Currently, the facility has three production lines while a fourth production will soon be made operational. Owing to their tradition, the management at Oridow has set forth certain rules to improve production standards as well as business practices.

“We believe that the quality of our product is an important factor in our success story. It is that quality that makes our products stand out in the face of stiff competition,” Oridow’s spokesperson stated while addressing the occasion of celebrating 11th successful year for the company. He continued, “Our products offer reliability and high quality with innovation. In fact, our uPVC products have stood strong even against the harshest weather conditions.”

Oridow stays firm to their theme of “continuous innovation” which drives their employees as well as management forward. The company also believes that ongoing research and development allows them to make a positive impression in newer markets. This secret has converted a small company dealing with local suppliers and customers into a globally recognized brand. Today, Oridow has many prestigious clients spreading over four continents, offering a large variety of uPVC windows and doors.

“At Oridow, we take an innovative approach towards our business. Unlike conventional suppliers who focus on the market, we tend to focus on our clients. As a result, we take our client’s requirements into consideration and deliver a product which often exceeds those requirements. A client sitting in the United States will have different set of requirements compared to the one sitting in Asia. Oridow sims to satisfies both.”

With a passion to set new goals and meet them within a specified time period, Oridow is a company that mixes ambition with productivity and achieves desirable results. Judging from where Oridow started from to where they stand today, it is natural to assume that they will reach new heights in years to come.

About Company

Established in 2005, Oridow Industrial Limited is a China based company that provides high quality uPVC products such as louver frames, doors and windows.

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