Reflections Of A Sometime Thinker: A Must-Read Book On Spirituality By Donald Michael Craig

Ashville, North Carolina–March 17, 2016:  Reflections of a Sometime Thinker, written by Donald Michael Craig, is an insightful read for those seeking a profound understanding of ageless wisdom. Mr. Craig’s reflective writing focuses on the importance of ageless spirituality across the world.

Reflections of a Sometime Thinker is a beautiful collection of Mr. Craig’s reflections. It gives readers a glimpse into his innermost thoughts and personal life experiences. In 1972, he began composing his first ‘reflection’. Although many of these were lost over the years, Mr. Craig’s most prolific period has been in recent years with the launch of Reflections of a Sometime Thinker.

“In my 40s, it struck me that what I called thinking was but the constant rehashing of concepts formulated by others and crystallized by habit. I was not thinking. Instead, I was remembering. Then a time came when I resolved base my thoughts on first-hand experience,” stated the author. “And so in the summer of 1972, I began my quest for the wellspring of wisdom. I spent 30 minutes each morning reflecting on a selected subject. This led to the accumulation of my reflections, many of which I have lost over the years. Reflections of a Sometime Thinker is a representation of my reflections on life and the purpose of our existence.”

An avid proponent of self-reflection, Donald Michael Craig believes that reflection is the key to existence. Unlike the complex world revealed by the five senses, reflection reduces complexity to simplicity. “At its highest level, reflection opens the door to what Patanjali, in the Yoga Sutras, called ‘the raincloud of knowable things.’ This is where the soul works it magic. It is in the light of the soul, reflecting on the mirror of experience, that we perceive both the soundness of our character and its flaws. I truly believe that reflection enables us to assess our state of being at any given moment and to make the adjustments needed to align the soul, mind, and brain with the source of inspiration,” he further explained.

Reflections of a Sometime Thinker contains beautiful meaningful verses that touch upon various life subjects, such as forgiveness, love, truth and empathy. These verses are not religious. In fact, they combine ageless spirituality with the changes taking place on the planet in this new millennium.

“I am now 90 years of age. I have learned that love is the key to wisdom. Not love as emotion or sentiment, but love as an expanding spiral of consciousness that embraces all,” said Mr. Craig. “The more loving we are, the more we comprehend. The more we comprehend, the wiser we become. Love reveals life as a pattern in which all the disjointed parts form one interdependent sentient whole.”

Moreover, Mr. Craig’s verses are artfully composed and are easy to digest. Yet, they have a profound meaning behind them. An inspirational and thought-provoking book, Reflections of a Sometime Thinker is a must-read book on ageless spirituality. Available on Amazon, order your copy online today.

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Born in 1925, Donald Michael Craig is a spiritual writer and a former music composer. Mr. Craig worked as a staff songwriter for Mills Music in Hollywood. Moreover, he composed the theme for daily newscast, while working as an assignment editor at the NBC affiliate in Burbank. He also served as a combat infantryman in Europe during World War II.

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