Prepare for CBSE and IGCSE Board examination relying on study materials containing 3D-HD Videos, interactivity laboratory and question papers with solutions

CBSE and IGCSE Boards- study materials

The eloquent professionals after prolonged research on various aspects of studies undertaken by the students, their psychology, pattern of question papers and syllabus, have developed study materials for CBSE and IGCSE board and other boards following NCERT study patterns. Specific study package, incorporating high-class 3D-HD videos, virtual laboratory, question papers have been developed for the students of 9th and 10th classes respectively.

3D-HD videos are self-explanatory covering all topics of physics, chemistry and Biology subjects.Presentation of topics through 3D-HD has been made very interesting and informative with high quality visuals. The contents of the various study material have been selected and designed very efficiently and have the ability to clarify all the aspects of a particular subjects among all classes of students preparing for CBSE as well as IGCSE Board examinations.

The virtual laboratories have been designed in high class 3D-HD animation videos comprehensively clarifying all aspects related to the various subjects of science subjects. These virtual laboratories have been very useful in eliminating the hardship faced by the students in understanding and preparation for the practical examination. State-of-the-art technology has been used to present the topic in the simplest way helping the students to understand topic easily.

Science Virtual laboratories, also equipped with game section where students after understanding a particular process can play a learning game to develop better understanding of the topic. The fear psychosis, prevalent among most of the students during exams or test, have been eliminated as the students have gained more confidence and understanding after viewing these virtual laboratories and NCERT science study material for class 10.

Science subject matter experts have prepared IGCSE and CBSE previous years question paper for class 9th and 10th with solutions, and which are very helpful and handy for science students to solve papers in no time and can improve their grades in the school. The study resource materials will help students in increasing their learning skills enabling the students to prepare for their examinations efficiently.

For instance, the chapter ‘Acids, Bases and Salts’ is one of the important chapters of 10thth class in CBSE/NCERT syllabus, have been detailed comprehensively in the virtual laboratory as to how Acid and Base reacts with metals, pH scale, importance of pH in everyday life, Salts, Chlor-Alkai process, Baking Soda, Washing Soda and Bleaching Powder. High class 3D-HD video technology, virtual labs for class 9th CBSE for each topic of Acids, Bases and Salts, coupled with model test papers have been appreciated from the corners.

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