4 Key Reasons for Relationships

Relationships are very beneficial. You know how your relationships have helped to mold you into who you are. You can probably name things you have learned through relationships and valuable things you have taken away form relationships. Relationships do a lot for us. There are actually four key reasons for relationships. They are outlined below.

1. Lessons. Relationships help up to learn and to teach others. Through our relationships, even our earliest with our parents, we learn. We can learn simple things, like how to walk or talk and we can learn complex things like how to let go or how to love. The lessons we get from relationships are priceless and may not be learned elsewhere.

2. Emotional Fulfillment. Relationships are made up mostly of emotion. It is through emotion our relationships form and grow. We learn a lot about emotion and we get a lot of emotional fulfillment from our relationships. It is through relationships we learn about emotions like love, anger, hope and happiness.

3. Self Worth. For most people relationships are part of how they define themselves. Think about it, many women define themselves as a wife and mother because of their relationships. Relationships also help us define ourselves because they teach us about ourselves. They help us to learn our likes and dislikes; about how we react in different situations and about who we are as a person. The majority of our definition of ourselves comes from the relationships we have had or have in our life.

4. Love. Romantic relationships are the means to the goal of finding love. They are the way to find the one you want to spend your life with and they help us to build our adult lives. Romantic relationships teach us about love and about how we deal with love. They teach us what love is and how it feels. They also teach us the value of love. Above all romantic relationships are human nature. They are, at their very basic, about procreating and keeping the human species alive.

These four reasons for relationships can really define any relationship in your life. If you really think about it they are all true. Relationships are more complex than anything else. The conflicting personalities and the differences in people make relationships fun and exciting and at times stressful. It is through relationships that we develop. Without relationships who knows what would happen. Very few people ever choose a life where they cut off all ties to any other person. As humans we crave relationships and need them to thrive. Relationships are important for many reasons, but perhaps the single most important reasons is that relationships make our lives worth living.

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How To Choose The Right Relationship For You (The 4 Key Questions) How To Choose The Right Relationship For You (The 4 Key Questions)

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4 Responses to “4 Key Reasons for Relationships”

  1. Hi love your videos I'm a full time single dad I've never met my dream women and still hate it that I don't no what it is I love as to do as a job please is there any videos on this I've done all the writing down im not good at useing a PC or spelling I've done building work and stuff like that but I know I don't like it wish I new my purpose

  2. Kute, great video, it really strenghtened what I already believed in, but like you also know challenging your own beliefs is key.
    Keep it up my friend!

  3. How about when kids are involved? You just can pack your stuff and leave everything just because you don't like or won't apply to from 1-4. You can't be that selfish and give people advise to get out of marriage. Some people think their problems bigger than they actually are. Many of them get to another relationships just like the previous one was

  4. Hi Kute! I'm in the most loving relationship with me!!! I accept and love myself profoundly. Any relationship with another that doesn't have the same integrity, trust, love and respect has dissolved. What a process it has been! What a wonderful life! Peace to you brother.

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