How opinion of an influencer changes the thoughts of general public

The reason why humans evolved so much is because of the efficient communication between them; communication helped them to group their intelligence & succeed. Communication is very important as it helps in exchange of thoughts & opinions which are essential for everyone. Opinions help people to live with each other in harmony or in a state of peaceful disagreement. There are various factors that sway opinions of people.

The biggest example of opinion making is the advertisements, do you ever think why these advertisers invest so much money on this when we have the final choice, and we would make our own opinion of buying a particular product? Well, it is quite normal that you are living by that thought but unfortunately they do control your opinions, the constant advertising registers the product in your sub-conscious mind and ultimately changes your choice towards itself. Many influential people control your opinions the same way. A celebrity association with a product is a most appropriate example of this; advertisers spend crores on the stars for a 30 seconds ad because they know that it is worth it. The celebrities are opinion makers, whatever they do is considered to be ‘cool & happening’ and the right thing to do. Why is media the most powerful source in today’s world? Yes, it holds control over the opinions of many people. Masses have the mentality that if its in the news then it must be true & whatever is their opinion is the only right opinion. It is really crucial to voice your opinion as you might be an influencer also; it helps other people who are not that good at forming opinions.

Opinion makes can exploit general public by brainwashing them & making them do something with a selfish motive. Terrorism in the name of Islam is the biggest example of this, unaware & innocent people are brainwashed & made killers but opinion making is not only a negative thing, It can also help the society, like you can change people’s opinion on social evils like child labour, child marriage, dowry, rapes, women security and all issues that matter. Forming constructive opinions in the mind of people are not empowered is a great thing to do, you equip them to live a better life. You should keep yourself open to listening, understand & then only make a wise opinion, don’t get influenced easily.

What do you think? Whose opinion influences you the most? Have you ever formed opinions for anyone else? Which platform do you use to express your opinions to others? is an open space where an individual can raise voice and express his/her opinions freely. People from different backgrounds come to this platform and write their views that reach out to the whole world and get recognition somewhere. It encourages the unheard voices to break out the cocoons of long held silence and become a fearless vision of the whole society! Sandeep Singh is the writer who brought this article to your after extensive research, one of the hardworking writers of Era Group.


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* Courtney Macavinta, Co-Founder & President, The Respect Institute

Courtney Macavinta is Co-Founder and President of The Respect Institute whose mission is to give youth and their influencers tools to build self-respect so they can end cycles of disrespect and thrive. Courtney is a domestic violence survivor whose multi-racial family struggled for respect amid issues like substance abuse, incarceration, high-school dropout and teen pregnancy. As a young adult, her mission became to create a world where respect for all is the status quo.

An award-winning writer, Courtney has created the Respect Rally for youth, a popular blog for girls and women, RespectRx, and best-selling book for teens, RESPECT. She’s been featured by CNN, ABC, National Public Radio, USA Today, Teen Vogue and others, and has partnered with organizations such as Girl Scouts of the USA and Derek Jeter’s Turn 2 Foundation. Additionally, she was invited to the White House in 2010 based on her work in domestic violence prevention. She lives in her native San Jose with her husband, former pro athlete Jeremy Cleland, and son Tru.

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  1. being caught in our cycles of disrespect and looking again (respect) to learn habits/practices that are more grounded in bringing about better outcomes is a super contribution Courtney. It has descriptive elegance and rigor and can be used by anyone at any time. I'm based in Ireland and your message really captured my attention because the essence of your message is so decent    

  2. Jennifer Grove (Dark Moon) November 15, 2016 at 1:52 pm

    You're totally right.
    But people can't keep this mentality up alone. They have to have support. I am surrounded by bureaucracies that say, "NEXT!" and don't even notice that I'm a human being and that I am not a "Case". They just read their scripts – which absolve them of any further responsibility to help. No one will believe me. I have no support network. My family has totally abandoned me. I am trying to get rid of my abusive b/f all by myself and it is not likely that I will succeed. 

  3. So happy to see you here Courtney! Really enjoyed this thoroughly. Please keep doing what to do.

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