Ford Finance: leading automobile company

Ford, a primary automobile company, has occupied a numeral of technologies to assist recognize a number of of its goals in the car industry, essential in beating up competition.

Although, Ford devised the speed limiter expertise to enable automobilists to set an utmost boundary on speed and has been announced the most admired driver help technology of 2011.This characteristic keeps drivers from fortuitously exceeding speed limits & has been incorporated with almost all the Ford makes and models.

Moreover it only takes a moment to lose attention and exceed the speed limit which is why the Ford changeable speed limiter contributes automobilists much needed equanimity. Whenever you purchase your Ford, you have got to pay for the total price of the motor vehicle whether it is in hard cash or by financing. You might be expected to put down cash to obtain an improved deal on the loan interest rate. There are no restrictions with a buy, because the automobile would be possessed through you until you determine to trade up for a fresh and modern Ford. There is nobody right decision so believe your financial position to decide whether a Ford purchase or Ford lease will better serve your demands.

Since, Ford is celebrating extraordinary consequences for its Ford Focus & Ford Ranger models in the most recent round of NCAP safety tests. Euro NCAP is the world-class European authority on car safety, & their awards are a much sought after recognition that motor vehicle fulfill stringent protection standards. Now populace looking to lease, finance or buy a Ford Focus or Ford Ranger could do so in the information are getting one of Europe’s securest automobiles. Euro NCAP have granted the Ford Focus the ‘Best in Class’ award for small family automobiles.

Thus this follows its proof breaking achievement in NCAP testing, where it was granted a five star Euro NCAP ranking and took four Euro NCAP superior safety awards. This was formerly inaudible of for mass market automobiles. Breaking down the ratings, the Ford Focus marked 92% for adult resident safety and 82% for child resident protection.

Already well-liked because of its status for dependability and execution, this most recent safety honor adds appeal to those seeking to buy, lease or finance a new lift up.


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Ford Motor Company is an American automaker and the world’s fifth largest automaker based on worldwide vehicle sales. Based in Dearborn, Michigan, a suburb of Detroit, the automaker was founded by Henry Ford, and incorporated on June 16, 1903. Henry Ford was 40 years old when he founded the Ford Motor Company, which would go on to become one of the largest and most profitable companies in the world, as well as being one of the few to survive the Great Depression. The largest family-controlled company in the world, the Ford Motor Company has been in continuous family control for over 100 years. Ford now encompasses several brands, including Lincoln and Mercury…

The founding of Ford Motor Company

Henry Ford’s initial foray into automobile manufacturing was the Detroit Automobile Company, founded in 1899. The company floundered, and in 1901 was reorganized as the Henry Ford Company. Ford had a falling out with his financial backers, and in March 1902 left the company with the rights to his name and 900 dollars. The Henry Ford Company changed their name to Cadillac, brought in Henry M. Leland to manage the operation, and went on to be a successful manufacturer of automobiles.

Henry Ford himself turned to an acquaintance, coal dealer Alexander Y. Malcomson, to help finance another automobile company…

On June 16, 1903, the Ford Motor Company was incorporated, with 12 investors owning a total of 1000 shares…

During its early years, the company produced a range of vehicles designated, chronologically, from the Ford Model A (1903) to the Model K and Model S (Ford’s last right-hand steering model) of 1907. The K, Ford’s first six-cylinder model, was known as “the gentleman’s roadster” and “the silent cyclone”, and sold for US00; by contrast, around that time, the Enger 40 was priced at US00, the Colt Runabout US00, the high-volume Oldsmobile Runabout US0, Western’s Gale Model A US0, and the Success hit the amazingly low US0.

The next year, Henry Ford introduced the Model T. Earlier models were produced at a rate of only a few a day at a rented factory on Mack Avenue in Detroit, Michigan, with groups of two or three men working on each car from components made to order by other companies (what would come to be called an “assembled car”). The first Model Ts were built at the Piquette Road Manufacturing Plant, the first company-owned factory. In its first full year of production, 1909, about 18,000 Model Ts were built. As demand for the car grew, the company moved production to the much larger Highland Park Plant, and in 1911, the first year of operation there, 69,762 Model Ts were produced, with 170,211 in 1912. By 1913, the company had developed all of the basic techniques of the assembly line and mass production. Ford introduced the world’s first moving assembly line that year, which reduced chassis assembly time from 12½ hours in October to 2 hours 40 minutes (and ultimately 1 hour 33 minutes), and boosted annual output to 202,667 units that year[10] After a Ford ad promised profit-sharing if sales hit 300,000 between August 1914 and August 1915, sales in 1914 reached 308,162, and 501,462 in 1915; by 1920, production would exceed one million a year.

These innovations were hard on employees, and turnover of workers was very high, while increased productivity actually reduced labor demand.[10] Turnover meant delays and extra costs of training, and use of slow workers. In January 1914, Ford solved the employee turnover problem by doubling pay to a day, cutting shifts from nine hours to an eight hour day for a 5 day work week (which also increased sales; a line worker could buy a T with less than four months’ pay), and instituting hiring practices that identified the best workers, including disabled people considered unemployable by other firms. Employee turnover plunged, productivity soared, and with it, the cost per vehicle plummeted. Ford cut prices again and again and invented the system of franchised dealers who were loyal to his brand name. Wall Street had criticized Ford’s generous labor practices when he began paying workers enough to buy the products they made…

Ford Auto Parts: “Keep This Under Your Hood” 1940 Ford Motor Company

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