Link Removal



Over the past couple of years, we have received a multitude of requests from individuals requesting the removal of links from articles published by this directory.

Generally, the article was published by some unscrupulous, so-called "SEO firm" who spammed this and many other article directories with unapproved links.

The funny part about all this is that many of these authors were initially paid by a website owner to "build up" the website's link base, and now that same website owner is paying another "recovery" firm to get the links removed.

The reasons for link removal vary from sincere to comical - everything from "accidental" postings to fake copyright and DMCA violations. Some honestly state that their sites have suffered from Google updates, and own up to the mistake they made, which is good.

On the other hand, many website owners try to blame us for posting an "unauthorized" link to their site, and they often make thin threats that will never come to pass.

First, it is nearly impossible to determine the difference between an authorized and unauthorized link - linking is done by random individuals all the time. Second, most website owners want unsolicited links since it generally improves their reputation.

It should be known that any link we post is either an approved affiliate link, or a link to an open source/public domain site. If a link from this directory is posted to your site, it is a link that either you or someone working on your behalf posted. Period. End of story.

The problem we face is that - although we are happy to comply with all of these link removal requests - we do not actually work for these companies or website owners. And, we do not work for the firms hired to contact us.

Initially, we removed dozens of links for free. But, as the quantity of requests increased over time, the time and effort involved eventually overwhelmed us. To recover the costs and time involved in removing these links and articles, we decided to charge a small fee of $10 per link removal request.

Please keep in mind that when we perform this service, it will be a complete and total cleanup. In other words, when an article with an unwanted link is identified, we will remove the article and any other articles submitted by that particular author.

Plus, the author's account will also be deleted. We will not mess around with authors and articles that may reflect poorly on this directory.

If you do not want the author's account and articles deleted, then you need to contact the author and strike some sort of deal with him or her.

We will not edit individual articles to remove unwanted links, so if an article is important to you otherwise, please find another solution. This is your only warning!

If you attempt to circumvent this fee by making a false plagiarism, copyright, or DCMA claim; keep in mind that you may risk criminal sanctions due to the fact that such requests are made under penalty of perjury.

We take such claims seriously, and if we research the claim and discover that it is false, consequences will follow.

Thank you.