Aug 16

Attention Current Authors

We have just updated this site and cleaned up the database of articles.

The first step was to remove spam articles wherever possible. If you try to log on and find that your account no longer exists, you’ll know that this was the main reason. If you wish to re-enroll we do not have a problem with that. But, please read and abide by the Terms and Submission Guidelines in the future.

Remember, this is an ENGLISH article directory. Foreign language and junk articles will be deleted and you will lose your author account once again.

You will see a new interface and several more controls over author content. One of the controls is a new spam detection system. Certain email addresses and author names will be denied, and several general spam databases will be checked for bogus authors.

If you have any issue, please use the contact link in the menu and let us know. Eventually we will have a help desk installed, but until then the contact form will be your only option.

Thank you,
The Admin